Laser Hair Removal

Planning on removing body hair? You might want to try laser hair removal. This is a painless and permanent process that will eliminate body hair in desired areas.
Laser Hair Removal

Since this form of treatment uses laser, expect that you will not need to go through excruciating moments just like in waxing or even plucking. Laser uses a beam of light that will be the major element in removing body hair.

Laser hair removal will lead to permanent hair removal. This process will still need a few episodes before all the hair, while in their different stages, are effectively hindered from growing. The action is directly to the hair follicles. Therefore, there will be no more growth of hair since from their source, the phase of hair growth is stopped.
Laser Hair Removal1

If you are interested in letting the procedure push through, you can start by deciding which body part or parts you want hair to be removed from. The most common procedures are done with underarm hair. Then, the smooth hairs in the body are also easy to remove and so they are also common.
Laser Hair Removal2

Next, you should decide where you want to get the procedure done. There are several available clinics with dermatologists that specialize in hair removal. Or, there may be several certified laser technicians that can do the job. In deciding with the place, you can consider the reliability. Even though laser hair removal is not a high-risk procedure, the risk that your skin be damaged will always be there. But, you need to keep in mind that this risk is very small and have occurred to very few patients in the past. Ask your doctor for specific risks during and after the procedure.

You may also consider costs. The most expensive clinic may not necessarily give you the best services. You need to be able to find a place that can provide you with quality services with high safety measures. At the same time, do not just consider affordability as your baseline. Consider the presence of both quality and affordability.
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Take note that laser will respond differently based on the pigmentation of the hair. For those with blond hair, laser treatments may not be able to promise positive results. Since laser uses the melanin in the hair to track it down and eliminate it, melanin in blond hair may not be enough for the laser to be able to find it.

For those who have dark hair, treatment may be more effective. However, there is also the risk that even the skin can be affected by laser hair removal. That is why there might be a need for you to use cooling agents while you undergo that procedure. Your physician will be the one to determine if there is a need for doing so.

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