Facts About Blindness Near

Eye blindness among the problems suffered by all groups.In the past, many thought that the only people who are aged only suffer blindness, but the children also experienced the same thing.Nearsightedness is one reason vision.Distant objects will appear to be clear for nearsighted people.Normally nearsightedness is a normal variation and not a disease.Nearsightedness rarely caused by disease.

Among the reasons are nearsightedness natural changes and rare form of the eye caused by changes in the cornea or lens.These problems cause incoming light to focus in front of the eye and retina.Light should focus precisely on the retina.Nearsightedness is given a diagnosis by asking questions about nearsightedness, eye examinations.

Funduskopi Oftalmoskopi and can be done in an eye examination.Eyeglasses or contact lenses may help correct vision eye.Surgical methods can also be done to repair the cornea or lens put artificial lens in the eye to reduce nearsightedness or correct nearsightedness.But if you are still young, you often have vision problems instead of nearsighted nearsightedness.

Nearsightedness usually experienced by those who are already old and usually in the range of 40's on.

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