5 Food That Make Your Face Skin Beautiful

In keeping softness, smoothness and brightness of the skin food in the kitchen is as important as skin care cream that you use. According to dermatologist from Miami Leslie Baumann, MD, taken from prevention.com, good nutrition is the foundation for healthy skin. Therefore, you always need to know what healthy food for the skin, right? Here are 10 foods that can help you get healthy and smooth skin like a dream.

1. Salad
Six pieces of lettuce contains 100 percent your daily Vitamin A requirements. This vitamin works rejuvenates the skin by improving the turn Tues In addition, the potassium content in the salad also add nutrients the skin and increases the absorption of oxygen by improving the blood flow.

2. Tomato
Studies show that participants eat five tablespoons of lycopene rich tomato pasta every day for three months have 25 percent more protection against sun rays. In addition, these foods also make the skin had more collagen to prevent a skin from sagging.

3. Srawberry
A cup of strawberries provides 130 percent of Vitamin C, a powerful substance to increase the production of collagen fibers. Collagen function is to help the skin remain taut and supple. More and more Vitamin C would result in little lines that appear on the skin. Girls with low intake of vitamin C tend to have dry and wrinkly skin.

4. Apple
Quercetin, an antioxidant that is found in apple skin could protect the skin from UVB rays that can lead to cancer of the skin.

5. Soy
A study shows, fine wrinkles and skin tension will increase as women age of 30 -'s and 40's. Therefore, you are encouraged to eat a diet rich in soy Avon isofl aglycone known as tempeh.

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