Avoid Aging Fast

Have beautiful skin, soft and pure white without stain secalit into the eye of the beholder. When laughter or embarrassment, her cheeks immediately turned reddish does not even blush.

Lucky to have a woman who has beautiful skin without blemishes or problems. Without having wore heavy, natural beauty prevails to the extent that many thought he younger than actual age.

However, not many of us have healthy and beautiful skin. Continue an unhealthy lifestyle and do not know how to correct the facial skin and body care cause dreams have beautiful skin and slow the aging process that is just a fantasy.

If your face is younger than actual age, it is considered a bonus. Face if appropriate with age, it is still acceptable but very frustrating when people assume you are older age due to rapid face showing signs of decline.

Most Asian women have oily skin easily invite acne. The presence of 'guest' was not only invited to throw, and raised scars to fade slowly closed with thick makeup.

For those who have dry skin, trouble arises. Although no acne or uneven skin tone, dry skin easily dull, wrinkled or acne scars if not treated with care.

Dermatology Consultants Prince Court Medical Centre, Dr Guru Ratnavelu, said it was important for us to know some basic things to be in order to ensure a healthy and beautiful skin and delay the aging process.

He said oily skin due to excessive production of sebum that causes acne. Acne commonly experienced problems, especially among the youth who end puberty, due to hormonal changes in the body.

"Skin is like a balloon. When a young age, it filled the air. When the older age, the skin like a balloon with no wind, loose or missing tension.

"Many women are concerned with face and body skin care. If possible, they want to look young and working slow the aging process, "he said.

This contrasts with the youths, the less care of themselves, but parents are advised to do so.

However, they began to care of personal hygiene and face when you start to make friends with the opposite sex.

"They want to look attractive and sought the views of parents or doctor about what should be done for personal care and face. For health care of body and facial skin, we need to always wash and face, "he said.

Dr. Master said, in warmer countries such as Malaysia, cleansing habits should be practiced to overcome the problems of oily skin.

In order to help protect and maintain healthy skin, sunscreen should be applied to the face to prevent it becoming dark and dull when exposed directly to sunlight.

"Cream SPF 50 sunscreen is suitable for those who are often outdoors, such as sports, travel or while on the beach, while an SPF of 30 for those who work in the office. Some sunscreen have mineral oil makes acne worse.

"Those who suffer from acne problems are advised not to use sunscreen with mineral oil content.

"When buying products in personal care stores, looking for sunscreen that says" noncomedogenic "which is the term used for a cream or lotion that does not block pores," he said.

Intrinsic aging is influenced by the effects of aging skin physiology or internal factors change with age while extrinsic aging is the process of deterioration due to external factors such as radiation, exposure to sunlight and chemicals.

"To understand the effects of intrinsic aging, look under our arm because the skin is usually brighter, smoother and softer than the back of your hands dry and wrinkled due to exposure to sunlight.

"Farmers are more susceptible to the effects of extrinsic aging through sun exposure, causing their skin dry and wrinkled.

"Direct exposure to sunlight causes a change in the face of many, that's why many farmers wearing broad hats and long sleeves.

"In Australia, the incidence of skin cancer is higher because they like to bask in the sun to get darker skin," he said.

He said, Asians look younger than white people (Caucasus). Habits are like religious mat exposed to the sun causes skin damage.

"Moreover, the amount of melanin more people in Asia who make the skin darker than white people, giving us more resistant to sunlight.

"To maintain beautiful skin and rejuvenates the skin from within, practice a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and increase fruit. Stay fit body by exercising and drinking plain water at least eight glasses a day.

"Asian people consume more foods containing carbohydrates, fat and oily food. It is not good for health and if you want to stay healthy and look young, lifestyle and diet have changed.

"Avoid the stress, exercise daily and sleep six to eight hours a day. Reduce intake of fatty foods can reduce heart problems.

"When sleep at night, apply moisturizer enriched with vitamin antioxidants. Night's sleep is the best time to absorb the active ingredients in skin care products.

"Exercising every day even if only for a short time to help you achieve your dream of owning a healthy and energetic body. Exercise routinely allow blood circulation becomes smoother and skin look firmer and younger, "he said.

According to him, alcohol intake and smoking should be avoided as not good for the skin, mouth and teeth. Smoking makes a person look older than actual age.

For those who do not smoke (passive smoking), avoid exposure to second-hand smoke because it not only damages the skin but have twice the risk of getting the disease than those who smoke.

"Body Mass Index (BMI) should be maintained at ideal levels. A number of us like to eat a lot even if it's full, especially when eat buffet. This causes excessive weight factor. Ideally we eat when hungry and stop before the full, "he said.

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