Avoid Disease Anorexia

Some parents face a dilemma when their teenage children (especially girls) who are growing reluctant or too choose to eat because always want to look thin, leading to improper eating habits.

This condition can lead to symptoms of anorexia or bulimia, eating disorders that were previously only heard in adolescents West but now increasingly spread among local teenagers.

Here are some guidelines that can be followed to persuade the child to eat:

1. The most important thing before children, parents themselves need to understand yourself. The extent to which public opinion affect your opinion related to the appearance and body shape. Tell your child self love is. Then explain the genetic relationship with body shape male or female. Hips, plates and sleeves are filled with an inherited genetic women.

2. Analysis all aspirations and dreams. Maybe you expect too much from his appearance especially in relation to girls. Maybe you always criticize them as "do not eat too much" or "I love you, if lighter weight" or "style of this dress is just for skinny girls, like models" and so on. Such verses actually lead your child to anorexia and bulimia problem.

3.Discuss following things with your child (male or female): a. Dangers of changing body shape by an improper diet. b. Meditating useful exercise for health and badan.c form. Importance on healthy eating.

4. Exercise not only burn fat and calories, but also makes individuals more happy.

5. Explain to children that they should avoid activities (such as swimming and dancing) just because people will see the fleshy body.

6.Teach your child to make friends with other people, especially women not by their appearance but by their thoughts and behavior.

7.Explain the child that the image of a stylish skinny models only created to sell to their clothes.

Encouragement children healthy activity that they enjoy and stick to their praise even small achievements. Do not limit the number of calories in children's food alone just because you want to reduce it. Instead, contact your doctor to do so. What is important given quality and healthy food to your children.

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