Remove Hairs Grow Heavy

Imagine if you have hair or hairs too heavy in areas that should not be, especially on the lips appeared like a mustache, in the armpits and legs?

This case certainly raises grave disquiet not to mention the beautiful women who love to dress up with a skirt or dress without sleeves. Actually have hairs that are too heavy or too much is not uncommon.

However, for most women or men, it was like a nightmare and very embarrassing. Furthermore when some women have beautiful feet and smooth without Seurat covered with wool or a clean armpit without stain or container extraction hairs. Why everyone has hair and body hair growth is not the same?

According to the Aesthetic Beauty Expert, iHeal Medical Center, Dr. Ousman Abrizah, formed hairs in a hair follicle which is a pouch structure found under the skin. Every people have different hair growth depends on heredity, age, weight, metabolism, hormonal activity and certain medications.

For women, factors puberty, pregnancy and menopause play a role in determining the growth of hairs.

"That's why some women experience increased hair growth during pregnancy or menopause, there are also normal. However, women experience significant hair growth suddenly advised to see a doctor because it may indicate a health problem in a person," he said.

Hair and body hair through four stages of growth namely anagen, Catagen, telogen or early anagen. Active growth phase of hair is in the anagen. At this time, the hairs contain excessive melanin.

Catagen hand is the withdrawal phase when the lower part of the hair stops growing, but does not fall and the hair follicle is reabsorbed. The final phase is when the hair or telogen hairs from falling out and getting ready for new hair growth.

There are various factors that cause hair growth and varies with each individual. Usually the hair heavy or otherwise associated with heredity.

"For example, the Indians have thick hairs while the Chinese community has grown little hairs. Addition, ethnicity is also a factor difference in hair growth of a person. Persons covered with white hairs on the face tend excess of the Asian and African Americans," he said.

In addition, an increase in hormone also plays an important role. Some people start experiencing unwanted hair problem since puberty and this gets worse concomitant increase in age.

Along with the development of technology in the field of beauty, there are a variety of treatments remove hairs introduced. Among the most popular is the conventional method of shaving, plucking, use wax (wax), cream wool throw and impulse light pulse treatment (IPL) of the temporary effect and should be done when the hair started to grow back. This treatment usually comes with discomfort, skin irritation and is uncertain cleanliness.

"Most experts do not promote methods of aesthetic shave or use hair removal wax on.'s Because when the feathers hit the razor, it will grow more dense and coarse. If wearing cream (wax), however, it will only activate growth of hair and wool. The these methods can not help reduce the problem rather worsen the situation, "he said.

According to Dr Abrizah, IPL treatments are usually done in salons by beauty therapists also have a temporary effect. IPL is a semi-permanent method of hair removal using light impulses for channel filtering drop of root hairs. But this method is only slow growth, but the probability of fur will grow back.

"For IPL technique, every impulse light energy is absorbed into the hair and converted to heat energy, which would damage the follicle. With continued treatment, regeneration are retained will eventually result in hair free condition for the next two years or more," he said.

For those who have problems of hair growth and thick hairs, laser hair removal treatments are capable of solving this problem is the use of laser light GentleYAG FDA faster and more permanent.

Treatment that originated in the United States is using the principle of laser fototermolisis the production of the light beam through the epidermis and hair follicles absorb targeting the dark pigment melanin.

"The laser energy produced will turn into the next turn off the heat to the hair follicles and roots of the hair tissue. GentleYAG has a wavelength of 1064 nano-meters and can be used for a variety of places," he said.

Added, the treatment is safe for all skin types as painless and done by a health professional in aesthetic medicine. Most importantly the laser beam will continue to permanently disable the hair follicle without regenerate.

Before you do, whether man or woman will undergo skin examination session beforehand to ensure skin types and potential problems to be faced. After it was decided specialist treatment required to eliminate fur or hair in areas that have been identified.

"Treatment depends on the type and length coats and carried out within five to seven sessions. Growth of hair occurs in different time for the body and the treatment is repeated every single month," he said.

Day prior to treatment, patients should shave the area. We recommend that you do not do any treatment such as skin whitening candles or six weeks before laser treatment. Patients should avoid the sun for four to six weeks before and after a treatment to ensure that the skin does not encounter any problems.

"To avoid heat generation due to laser light, gel spreads do in the surrounding area. Patients will feel comfortable because cryogen spray cooling system offers a safe and consistent for all patients.

"Even after treatment there are effects such as red, but it will be gone in no time. Consequently, patients can continue to work or carry out activities without worrying about the skin," he said.

This treatment is also effective for men who have a lot of feathers in the lips, face side also around the chest, back and neck. It uses the same method, but treatment time varies depending on the area of treatment. For the neck, it takes about 10 minutes while the chest requires 20 to 40 minutes.

Laser light also helps men who struggle with razor bumps that occur on the beard and scalp when hairs grow in a curved or curly cause skin inflammation.

Those who suffer from skin burns, wounds, or during pregnancy is not recommended to do so.

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