Reasons And Causes Of Acne

Acne is a problem that is often experienced by teenagers, both girls and boys. Acne on the face can cause a person to feel inferior because it interferes with their appearance.

However, acne can be cured. If you have acne, facial skin care should come first because acne will leave scars black holes and the effects are more difficult to treat.

The reasons for the occurrence of acne

1. Factors that cause acne occur due to excessive skin cell renewal process by cell keratinocytes pores covering the pores and lead to the clogging of pores, known as "microcomedo".

2. Upon reaching the age of adolescence, high androgen hormone will activate the production of sebum oil.

3. As a result, the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes colonization increased as the situation is very suitable for breeding.

4. P. acnes will cause inflammation and excessive cell production keratinocytes.

Ways to treat acne

1. Use facial care products that are not will make matters worse. Make the slightly acidic face care products containing PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acid) or Lactobionic acid from Neostrata cause minimum exfoliating and do not irritate the skin. Triclosan in this cleanser to kill bacteria on the face. After washing your face, must use a moisturizer. Although oily skin, use a moisturizer on your face is still needed to control sebum production so that the face is not oily.

2. The use of antibiotics in the face also helps kill bacteria present on the skin. If acne is not much, just enough to sweep antibiotics. If necessary, the doctor will advise the patient to take antibiotics in pill to swallow and should be continued for at least six weeks as minocycline, tetracycline, doxycycline. Use tretinon or retinol cream at night can also treat acne. Uncontrolled acne can be treated with Ro-Accutane but can cause side effects and require monitoring skin specialist.

3. Treatment "peel" with GLYCOLIC acid, salicylic acid or Jessner's able to treat active acne. This treatment can kill bacteria on the face, reducing the production of sebum, pore cleanse pores and do exfoliation. For salicylic acid and jessner's peel, the skin will feel a little warm during treatment, dry and acne skin peeling some few days after the treatment is done. Rub moisturizer the skin heal faster. Peel treatment can be done once a month until the problem of acne can be controlled. Peel treatments are safe if done on the advice of a doctor.

4. Make sure the face care products do not cause oily face. Make the cream-based sunscreen to face non-oily gel or eating pills like heliocare oral sunscreen (from a type of fern polypodeum leucotomus) to avoid black as a result inflammatory scarring from acne.

5. Avoid using the powder compact as a damp sponge, used repeatedly, confined in a container to bacteria. Make the most mineral-based powder hundred percent without any mixture of contaminants have anti-inflammatori, does not cover the pores pores as large molecules and a dry powder does not promote the growth of bacteria such as Kiss mineral makeup.

6 In addition, eat more vegetables and fruits for nutrients and vitamins to the skin of the face. Expand drink plain water, take probiotics to balance the bacteria in the body.

7. Some family planning methods can cause unstable hormones and acne problems. The birth control pill Diane-35 can be taken to control acne or may be planning a family with a Cu250 IUCD prevent pregnancy, which is not based on hormones.

8 Do not squeeze or pressing of acne, this will cause bacteria to spread and chapped skin will leave dark scars and hollow.

In the early stages of treatment, acne may be increased before it decreased. This is normal, do not panic, do facials diligently and follow the doctor's advice. Do not stop taking antibiotics as they please. Believe me, every disease there is cure

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