Manorexia - Anorexia Symptoms Among Men

Who says anorexia symptoms occur only in the women? The man is no exception and it is known by the term 'Manorexia'.

Manorexia - Anorexia Among Men

A little info:

Medical experts blame the surge on an obsession to look brawny men with bulging biceps and has a 6-pack on their stomach, as the primary cause of the symptoms Manorexia.

Manorexia - Anorexia Men

It is associated with the obsession to achieve the body shape 'perfect'.

People with these symptoms can become obsessed with their weight or they are too obsessed with exercise and too concerned with the amount of calories they eat.

Manorexia - Anorexia Symptoms Among Men

Exercise is a key factor of eating disorders in men. They become obsessed with exercising every day, if not more, and it can affect their life without them realizing it.

Manorexia - Anorexia Symptoms

They will endeavor to get rid of body fat in order to get 6-packs, and it sometimes can cause eating disorders.

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