5 Tips to Get Beautiful & Healthy Skin

Beautiful & Healthy Skin

1. Eat nutritious food. Avoid or reduce foods that contain fat and greasy. You also need to avoid foods that can cause cause of acne and oily. Eg chips and drink soda. You have to identify foods that are not necessary for your body. This is because each person has different needs. If you think you eat chocolate today, tomorrow arise acne. Refrain from eating chocolate. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

2. Exercising and Drinking White Water. Drink eight glasses of plain water a day and exercise regularly. Who says you can not work out every day? If you are a housewife, work opportunities do exist. Make sure when the house, close the fan or air conditioner. Let the sweat out of your body. Do something sweeping, tidying and mopping floors as a workout routine at home. In addition to your healthy, home was neat huh? do not forget to drink plenty of water because our bodies need plenty of water. Blood makes the skin smooth radiant again.

3. Wash your face before bed. Familiarize you sleep in a clean condition. Wash your face before sleeping. You can also use a night cream to repair or moisturizing facial skin texture. Once a week use a face mask. Do not let you sleep with the face mask is still in the face!

4. Sleep eight hours a day is very important. It is intended to relax the body so that the body system worked well. If you do not get enough sleep, you will face the problem of acne and body tired and drowsy. In addition, you will became known as Pandawoman since there under eye dark circles!

5. Protect skin from the sun. Important for us to protect skin from the sun. It is to avoid flushing, burning and wrinkles arise. Wear sunblock before you leave the house every day.

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