6 Wrong Beauty Tips

1. Toothpaste cure acne.
It is true, toothpaste can cure acne but make sure you use that without bleaching because toothpaste contains whitening ingredients irritate the skin.

2. Natural cosmetics to avoid allergies.
Not all cosmetics that use natural ingredients suitable for your skin. So, before you try cosmetics on the face, apply a small amount on the back of the ear. If it feels itchy and red-red, it shows you skin sensitive to the ingredients of the cosmetics products.

3. Dry skin causes wrinkles
Actually, the main factors that cause wrinkles are caused by excessive sunlight. So, make sure you use a sunblock with a high SPF that could protect the skin longer. Use sunblock 20-30 minutes before leaving the house to enable the cream absorbs into the skin.

4. Branched hair can be overcome with shampoo.
Shampoo alone was unable to cope with branched hair. Use an easier method of cutting hair tip branching and prevent it with better hair treatment. Additionally, do not over-exposed in the sun and occasionally do creambath treatment at the salon.

5. Hair easily be damaged if washed daily.
Myth says that the best hair wash once a week is wrong. In the current environment full of pollution, which are left without washing hair for a week, will certainly make increasingly dull and damaged hair. So, hardworking shampoo using a shampoo that is suitable for daily use.

6. Do not brush your teeth too often
Toothpaste is actually only a danger if we swallowed toothpaste because it contains fluoride is harmful to the body's organs. So, do not worry to brush your teeth after every meal.

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