Cures For Under Eye Circles

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Circles under the eyes are caused by leaky capillaries, and leave your face looking bruised and black and blue. Although there may be many reasons for under the eyes, there are also some cures or remedies to get rid of under eye circles. Some are temporary and some are more permanent, but all are good to deal with this annoying problem.

Eye Serum
Specially formulated eye sera work to get rid of under eye, and stop them from forming again in the future. Eye Serum rush the enzymatic reactions that partly to blame for the circles, and the ingredients in the serum strengthen capillary walls around the eyes. All of these things together to fade the circles away and keep them away in the future. Eye Serum can run expensive, so sometimes this is not the best option unless you are dealing with a serious case of chronic, dark circles under the eyes.

Cucumber slices
A common remedy for under eye circles is the use of cucumber slices. Apply thin slices of cucumber to your eyes soothes the eyes, which reduces under eye circles. When applying cucumber slices to your eyes, it's best to do it lying down, to better balance sheets. Place cucumber slices in direct contact with the skin, just below the eyes, where circles. Leave it on for about five to 10 minutes.

Another cure that certain uses under the eyes are teabags. Tea bags containing caffeine are best because caffeine acts as a cure for circles by helping to reduce and eliminate puffiness. Caffeine takes away the water in the tissues around the eyes. This is not just a way to get rid of under eye circles, but tea contain certain antioxidants that are healthy and beneficial for your skin.

Despite drastic cosmetic surgery is another remedy for under eye circles. Laser surgery can be done to stimulate collagen layers of the skin around the eye. This helps to rejuvenate the skin's surface, thereby removing circles. Other surgical procedure, called blepheroplasty, removes some under eye skin and draws the remaining skin taut to help get rid of the circles. these are expensive options, and recovery is wait. As with any surgical procedure, there are certain dangers involved.

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