How To Get Soft and Silky Hair?

Models and actresses love to flaunt their flawless skin, long legs and smooth, silky hair. In the real world, you do not need a Hollywood stylist to do your hair beautifully soft and silky. There are several simple treatments and products that you can use at home to make your hair gorgeous and smoothly for many years to come.

Treatment and Styling

Use your hair as natural as possible. Embrace natural curls and color instead of taking a flatiron or chemical serum to your hair. Avoid shampooing frequently to keep your hair and scalp from drying out. Consider alternating shampoos and conditioners use slightly from day to day. In the shower, use a plastic shower cap to keep your head dry while you scrub the rest of the body. Instead of alcohol-based styling products use a silicon-based mark. These products keep hair shiny and smooth without drying out. Groom and style with a hairbrush or comb, but brushing is not unreasonable to discourage split ends from developing countries. Avoid daily use of blow dryer or flatiron. Keep all heated styling devices on the lowest setting during use to avoid drying out individual hairs. At least weekly, before showering, treat your scalp to a steamed towel treatment. Soak a towel in boiling water and gently wring out as much water from the towel as possible. While steaming, wrap towel around your entire scalp for ten minutes before you wash it. The steam opens the pores without making your hair frizzy, so treatments to soak in and become more efficient.

Hair care

If you need to shampoo daily, use a very mild shampoo. Shampoo intended for children, it is best to encourage and maintain soft, silky fur. Once a month, your hair deep conditioned at a salon. Follow up with an at-home body wrap once a week to continually nourish the hair and its roots. Use only warm water with conditioner, not hot or cold water. Balsam loses its effectiveness in extreme temperatures. Look for shampoos and conditioners that contain natural proteins from milk and fatty foods like coconut. These products will help your hair to retain its strength and softness.

Natural Methods

Natural methods can also help you to achieve smooth, silky hair. Apply the liquid and pulp of Aloe Vera to the root of your hair for an hour a week. This acts as a natural conditioner that leaves hair silky and moisturized without drying out. Apply curd mixed with basil to your hair daily to add silkiness without damaging your hair. Apple cider vinegar applied to the hair roots with cotton ridden hair dryness while moisturizing it. Shampoo hair and scalp properly afterwards to prevent irritation from holding vinegar for long.

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