Juice For Weight Loss

Of course, everyone knows the most effective diet - a diet of Maya Plisetskaya, "Do not eat!". But to observe a diet for a long time is harmful. You can refer to the juices for weight loss. They can be as temporary replacement dishes, and an excellent tool selected diet.

Juice For Weight Loss - Diet Juice

Juice for weight loss juice diet when should not be bought-. After all, we are adults and we understand that as a man he tried to save the most valuable things in the juice, but the desired long-term storage forced to go against the benefits. Drink purchase juice is not harmful, but use it to the diet is not necessary.

Juice for weight loss should be fresh. Choose fruit to mature, or in any way spoiled. Juice to drink immediately after cooking, because for the very first 50minut from it can evaporate necessary and useful vitamins and minerals, and after 4 hours of juice is simply delicious, but not useful.

How to drink juice? What was the scheme? First of all you need to know that for two days before the juice diet should gradually give up meat, smoked, gradually adding the juice to the diet, and on the second day to replace the one meal. During the diet, is the mind to approach the choice of juice, and it is better to consult a doctor. So, for gastritis or peptic ulcer, acidity should be excluded entirely apple, lemon, orange, pomegranate juice . If you have diabetes or kidney stones, such a diet is not allowed at all. When an allergy to any fruit, of course, choose the juice to the diet can not. In addition, the juice should be diluted with water and drink through a straw - even diluted fresh is very dangerous to the tooth enamel.

Then, do not forget that for a long time to sit on the juice diet is impossible - it is harmful. Of course, the juice nizkokalorien. This gives us the opportunity to lose weight, but at the same time for the same reason may be lethargy, drowsiness, headache. If you decide in the days of the diet drink juice and eat nothing, remember that this diet should not last longer than two days.

Where would be wise to follow a juice diet: if signs of hunger to drink juice, juice - for breakfast and dinner, lunch will be almost the same as always, only vegetarian . Such a diet may take a little longer - 5 to 7 days.
Out of the diet must also be able. Perhaps, the body decided to wait out the hungry days, and then make up for it, we are constantly tormenting hunger. Do not yield to provocations and do not eat in excess of the norm. Hungry? - drink green tea or water.

Juice For Weight Loss - A Healthy Diet
It is best to use the juice for weight loss is not a diet, but as a component of a healthy balanced diet. Rules is not difficult. You need to drink juice or water when hungry, and the time for lunch or dinner has not yet come, and for half an hour before meals. Thus the amount of food will be less. Drinking juice before meals, in a month you can leave with at least 2-3kg.

But, of course, all of this will be the case provided healthy food. No fast food, junk food, food should be fresh, tasty and good. Of course, the loss of pounds will be gradual, but at the same time, healthy, and observance of a healthy diet - is the way to to forget about diets. After all, they just will not need them!

The choice of juice for weight loss in this case wide. First, you must know the opinion of the doctor. Second, guided by personal taste. For example, cabbage juice perfectly contributes to weight loss, but also the fermentation, so that on the night of his drinking is not necessary. Beet juice is not worth drinking in pure form - it acts on the bowel irritability. But with all this huge favor beet juice - it helps to organize the work of the liver and normalizes the metabolism of fat. It can be diluted with other juices or water. Fruit juices are also useful.

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