The Best Eye Shadow Palettes

best eye shadow palettes

A trip down drugstore beauty aisle can leave your head spinning with many makeup choices. Choosing an eye shadow palette that can make your eyes sparkle is not as complicated as it may seem. It is about finding color combinations that will offset the color of your eyes, making them contrast with your eye shadow color. Following some simple guidelines based on your eyes, skin and hair colors can help you choose the best colors for you.

Anyone who wants to make up for blonde hair should consider shades of brown: tan, bronze in summer, pearl stone and plum. Blondes should keep it simple when you choose an eye shadow palette. For a look daytime working a palette of two or three shades best. The lightest shade goes under the arch of the eyebrow to highlight. When the medium passes shade cover. The darkest shade looks best stippled in the crease of the eye. You can mix some shade with fingertips to make the look seamless. Blondes can use similar palettes to achieve an evening look by enhancing the depth of color on the crease for more drama.

Unlike blondes, brunettes tend to have darker brows and lashes, so that they can get away with a bit less color. To frame your face, a brunette choosing eyeshadow palettes with shimmery brown, tan and pink for younger women. Older women worried creping-eyeshadow makes eyelids look like crepe-paper-can choose matte shadows in the same tones, such as navy, plum and green. The techniques for day and evening looks are the same as those described for blondes. In the end, however, brunettes have more freedom with color than blondes. The same colors that can make a blonde look too "fake" can accent a brunette eyes.

Redheads with porcelain skin will glow in soft peaches, light copper, burgundy brown, dark plum and bronze. The highlight color under the brow should be light so bright skin does not look ashy. Redheads can use pure white or off-white for under-brow highlight colors.

For women with dark or black hair, they should consider their skin tone to select a suitable eye shadow palette. Women with fairer skin and black hair should go for palettes containing light pink, deep purple or true green. Women with dark skin and dark hair should look for pallets with lighter colors to accentuate their eyes. Palettes including gold, coffee, jewel tones and dark aubergine can make women with dark skin and hair stand out.

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