Mole Removal Scar Procedure

Mole Removal Scar

Moles appear throughout our entire lives for no apparent reason that genetic predispositionand sun exposure. Eventually some moles aggravate, changing color and size, while others are unaffected and totally harmless. The most common procedure is excision and even if it is a high degree of security, not free from all drawbacks: it can cause scar. Not a big drama in the Scar ation, as such, because the brand may only be temporary and heal well in time, but full recovery depends on many factors.

First, the formation of a mole removal scar depends on the size and depth of the mole and the dermatological procedure used to treat the problem. Deep cuts with stitches usually leave scars behind in comparison with other interventions surface. Laser treatments can also cause scarring enough because of the direct action of light on the cellular structure that carries out tissue evaporation. Intervention probably more likely to leave the skin free of any mole removal scar is shaving. It applies only to certain types of moles, shaving simply cut the protruding above the skin.

Mole Removal Scars

The only risk with shaving comes spring regeneration from cells that may be left behind. Therefore, only after medical research closes an expert can tell what kind of treatment suits the patient's condition. Furthermore, the analysis and diagnosis to anticipate mole removal scar size for the person who needs the intervention must consider the healing process and consequences. This peculiar observation should represent a warning to people who want to operate moles for cosmetic purposes only.

There are methods for reducing mole removal scar and usually involve surgery or application of natural resources for increasing the ability to regenerate the tissue after healing of the wound as such. The anti-scar treatment or prevention should begin as soon as possible after surgery. Moreover, infections that can be prevented by all means, aggravating the scars. The application of topical antibiotics is a need to complete healing of the mole formal.

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