Anorexia in Teenage Girls

The teenage girls is a stage of life, which can be considered transitional, as it marks the end of childhood and early adulthood. The teens face a range of social, physical and psychological that may, in some cases, lead to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa .

The teenage girls is a time of transition , usually starting at 12 years and extends more or less to 21 years. This is a stage of confusion and search for identity , for it is a very vulnerable stage where certain diseases such as anorexia nervosa may be present. 

The anorexia in teens is considered an epidemic, affecting both sexes, although mainly suffer from the teens . Of the total cases, approximately 1/3 becomes chronic.

These teens have common characteristics, such as perfectionism, very good school, not conflicting, etc..

Possible causes of anorexia during teenage girls

Culture for thinness: advertising, fashion, media in general, make the thinness, synonymous with success, power, approval, fame, money, etc.. If you are slim belong to the world of "unwanted and cute" . If you have a few extra kilos belong to the world of the "losers and ugly." Nothing is further from reality, of course.
Wrong Eating Habits: 

With the industrialization of food, every day new preparations tasty, high in saturated fat, with a large amount of calories, etc, that replace natural foods such as fruits, vegetables and cereals . This leads to change healthy eating other foods that are not. Furthermore, it has lost the habit to respect meal times. Now you eat when there is time, not when you have to eat. This situation leads many teenagers to gain weight, which are the only way out diet "do not eat" . This if not treated in time, resulting in the anorexia nervosa .

Problems in family relations: The family relationships are more complicated every day and if they are affected, they can lead a teenager to suffer from anorexia . It is therefore very important family contention at this stage of life.

These possible causes , must be taken into account and is the family who must be alert to possible changes in behavior or character.

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