Tension Headache Symptoms and Cause

Tension headache: Symptoms

Its first symptom is the appearance of pain in the head or moderate severity, which one gradually gets used. The nature of pain is moderate, because of this, people often prefer self-medication rather than seek medical attention. Headache muscle tension is well tolerated and does not prevent them to perform their daily tasks.

Attack duration ranges from 30 minutes to several days. The duration of pain depends on the individual person.

Often, tension-type headache patients reported bilateral painful pressure in the head, often patients complain of pain which passes from the forehead to the back of the head .

The main difference between this pain from other activities is that it is constant , not throbbing.
It does not cause the appearance of nausea or vomiting, but, nevertheless, in the pain, there are also related phenomena, such as, dislike of bright lights and loud noises, anxiety, and fatigue, and more.

Tension-type headache in children is as common as in adults or the elderly. Therefore, the diagnosis should be the last thing to pay attention to the patient's age, much more importantly, what factors triggered its appearance.

The question is: what causes such pain?

Tension headache: Causes

At the moment you can pick out a lot of factors that can cause such pain. So, what can be called a tension headache?

Among the reasons causing it in the first place is psychosocial stress, as well as affective states such as depression and anxiety. Remember that depression can occur both in the open and in a latent form. In other words, the patient is often categorically denies the possibility of the presence of his doldrums. Such cases are really dangerous, because it is a kind of depression often provoke pain syndromes. 

If the pain was caused by a depression or a similar psycho-emotional condition, the patient may also complain of fatigue, irritability, sleep and appetite. The key point in the recognition of the causes of pain are surveys that doctors spend with their patients, because the more information the doctor has, the better he can make a diagnosis.

On the second-leading cause of tension headaches is muscle stress. It is a long muscle tension when a person does not move for a long time. Headache, muscle tension is most often caused by overexertion neck, eye muscles, and muscles of the shoulder girdle and the aponeurosis of scalp.

Please note:
In the area of increased risk of tension-type headache are people who because of a specific kind of have a lot of time working at his typewriter or a computer. Also similar pain may suffer those who work with small objects, when it is very important to adhere to a certain pose, stretch your vision and coordinate all movements.

Tension headache can be caused by drug-factor. For example, long-term use of analgesics or sedatives can cause quite a headache. Remember that without timely medical care you can only aggravate the course of the disease.

Among the reasons that provoke headaches may be respiratory disorders, because they lead to increased anxiety. In this state, people are in need of fresh air, it is very difficult to be in a stuffy and poorly ventilated areas.

In practice, many patients complain of headaches, which provoked multiple factors, such as depression and strain. In such situations, only a detailed survey can help the physician to assign the correct treatment.

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