Diet And Proteins

One of the best ways to increase your metabolic rate through diet is by making sure that your foods contain a large amount of proteins. There are many ways that high quality proteins influence belly fat loss programs. Proteins are responsible for the development of your muscle mass; they improve your antioxidant functioning as well as your immunity, increased insulin function and HDL cholesterol, all of which play a role in enhancing your weight management programs.  

There is sufficient scientific evidence that proves that the consumption of higher levels of proteins significantly contributes to weight loss. However, this works especially well when it is combined with the reduction of the consumption of carbohydrates. Under ideal circumstances, you need to make sure that your protein consumption comprises of up to ¾ of your ideal body weight in grams every day. A person who weighs 200 pounds but whose ideal weight should be 200 pounds should consume between 120 to 150 grams of proteins daily. 


When you are trying to lose any form of weight, it is important for you to make sure that you are consuming sufficient proteins so as to avoid withering away.

This is what normally enhances your metabolic function which is directly related to your body’s muscle function.  You need to take sufficient protein in order to preserve your muscles which will in effect facilitate the burning of fat cells in your body. Proteins are usually composed of a number of amino acids and where weight loss is concerned, scientists are in agreement that a line of amino acids known as leucine are best placed in assisting you in that direction. When you get your protein content from foods containing this line of amino acids, there are chemical processes that occur to stimulate a sluggish metabolism whose effect will be an automatic loss of weight.

Some of the best sources of leucine amino acids are the consumption of animal proteins together with dairy based proteins. Among the leading sources are red meat and cottage cheese; the other foods in this group include as eggs, cheese, milk, fish, chicken, legumes, nuts, peanuts and other seed based foods. Most people who don’t take milk products or red meat may find it hard to get leucine but they can make it by consuming whey protein. Contrary to popular belief, you can boost your belly fat loss efforts by up to 65% by eating two eggs for breakfast when compared to eating an equivalent amount of carbohydrates.      

Eating a diet that is rich in leucine rich protein and some low carbohydrates is one of the most effective natural ways of supporting your weight loss program as well as improving your metabolism, blood sugar and cardiovascular function. Leucine actually works by preventing the loss of muscle during any of your weight loss workouts. When you are on a high protein diet therefore, you will end up losing fat and not muscle as opposed to a high carbohydrate weight loss diet where you lose a large amount of muscle during exercise.
The other advantage of a rich protein diet as far as weight loss is involved is that it also supports the functions of insulin in the body. A diet rich in protein also reduces the amount of triglycerides which in turn stimulates the brain to make you feel satisfied sooner with fewer calories. Once a product of the amino acid known as leptin enters your brain it gives your metabolism a message to speed up. Whey protein is also important because it enhances the brain’s ability to feel satisfied, thereby regulating your appetite and the amount of food you are going to consume.
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