EOD Fasting Fights Acne

If you’re one of the many with acne problems, you’ve undoubtedly tried many a method to achieve nice skin. The amount of skin cleansers, lotions, creams, and even laser beams out there that state they are the cure to acne is outstanding. Unfortunately, everyone’s skin is different, so your only option is to keep trying new methods until you eventually find one that works.
Here’s a new one: you can possibly cure your acne by skipping meals.
EOD (Every Other Day) fasting is a new diet strategy that involves going a day without eating, a day with a normal diet, and repeating indefinitely. It has been proven to provide many health benefits, even more so than an average caloric-restriction diet.
The terms you need to know here are “mTOR” and “IGF-1”. The signaling pathway “mTOR” works as a central controller of cell growth. It is highly affected by the nutrients you eat, and responds accordingly by “turning on”. “IGF-1” is a hormone that is very important to human growth, and is connected with mTOR activation.
These two terms are important to understand because, in recent studies, they have been found to play a major role in the presence of acne. So, how might EOD fasting help your acne problem?

Fasting Lowers mTOR Activity and IGF-1

While fasting intermittently, your mTOR gets a chance to turn off once in a while and take a break. This reduces IGF-1 production as a result. If these really are responsible for your acne, then fasting alone might clear your acne up.

Fasting Helps You Lose Weight

The main reason people embark on an intermittent fasting diet is to lose weight. Being overweight has been proven to increase mTOR and IGF-1, which would explain why many people struggle with break-outs and inflammations when they begin to gain weight.

Fasting Limits Certain Foods

It’s always been suspected that food and acne share a connection. Studies have shown that certain foods that increase mTOR activity, namely dairy, have been prevalent in the diets of those with more acne. Milk (especially skim milk) heightens IGF-1 levels significantly: from 10-20% in adults. It also boosts your insulin response, which in turn increases formation of IGF-1. By fasting and eating less, your body will be stimulated less by these substances.
If you’ve had a difficult time treating your acne, this might be worth a try. Not only are there weight loss and acne benefits tied in with EOD fasting, there have also been speculations that it might increase longevity and overall quality of life. If nothing else, try cutting dairy out of your diet for a couple weeks. It may be affecting you way more than you would think.
Another preventive measure that I see very few people partaking of is proper exfoliation. Regardless of other methods, this is a must for skin health. Use a legitimate at home microdermabrasion kit, and get rid of those layers and layers of dead skin cells that are clogging your pores. Ideally, in addition to afasting experiment, this will make a huge difference in the quality of your skin. However, be sure to ask your doctor before you try it; EOD fasting is not for everyone.

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