Female Hair Loss and What to Do About It

Although it’s an extremely common problem for males, hair loss in women can be a devastating thing. If you’re a woman and losing your hair, chances are you’ll do anything to halt the process and reverse the effects. You’ll need to talk to your doctor to determine the exact cause, but in most cases there are things you can do to get your normal hair growth back.

Style Gently
Take a break from your straightener and curling iron; heavy styling results in damage and breaking, and just may be the cause of your hair loss (especially in the front by the bangs). Keep your blow dryer on cool, and be careful with how aggressive you are with brushing or towel-drying.

Eat Iron-Rich Foods
Iron helps your skin, hair, and nails to grow strong and quickly. Eating foods like fish, beef, and leafy greens will help your hair grow or thicken naturally. Iron supplements will help, as long as you are getting enough vitamin C as well (it will help your body absorb the iron better).

Rogaine is just as helpful for women as it is for men, and can be purchased over-the-counter. Apply to the affected areas twice a day, and you should see some improvement. Check with your doctor before use, and do not use if you are pregnant.

Check your Medication
If you are taking any prescribed medication at the moment, chances are your hair loss is an unfortunate side effect. Talk to your doctor about lowering the dosage or switching to a different brand that might have less of an effect on your hair.

Birth Control
You may have a hormonal imbalance that is causing too many male hormones to circulate in your system. If you notice increased hair growth in unexpected areas, you may want to talk to your doctor about getting those hormones in check. It may just take a birth control pill to remedy the problem.

Thyroid Hormone Medication
Oftentimes hair loss is a direct result of an over- or under-active thyroid. Speak to your doctor about undergoing TSH tests to determine the activity and proper dosage for your thyroid. 

Lose Weight
A healthy physical state will promote a healthy hair growth cycle. It will also help with any hormonal imbalance you might have that’s causing you problems. But be very careful not to lose weight too fast; rapid weight loss is directly related to rapid hair loss. Being fit and healthy is most important, and a proper diet and exercise schedule will help significantly.

You may have thought stress-related hair loss was a joke, but it’s actually a fact. Prolonged stress and anxiety can thin the hair follicles and cause hair to fall out in clumps. Try to relax, breathe easy, and eliminate high-stress situations from your life.

Depending on the cause (sometimes pregnancy or major surgery are catalysts), you may just have to wait it out. Your body is reacting to a traumatic or taxing change, and it will need some time to get back on track. 

Try a Wig
Whether you are easing the transition or unsure of your hair’s future, a wig is a perfectly acceptable style choice in today’s beauty world. Try a saga invisible part wig to seamlessly incorporate your hair with the wigs. They are so realistic nowadays, no one will even have to know (although changing your wig style dramatically is a common and fun practice for a lot of women).

Hair loss is more than just an aesthetic issue; it is very crucial to your physical and mental health to get your doctor involved in the conversation. He is there to help you, and with all of the options available you don’t need to stress too much. Remaining positive will help your body ultimately, no matter the cause of your hair loss.

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