Risks and Complications of Blepharoplasty and How to Avoid It

Marilyn Leisz, in an after math of a cosmetic surgery involving her eyelids and Blepharoplasty, sued her cosmetic surgeon as she is now incapable of closing her eyes. Yes, the complication had risen after the surgery, so the surgery is said to be the culprit of it all.

But then Leisz has been known to already have two other past eye procedures which might have contribute to the problem, it isn’t the current surgery alone.

The likes of Leisz and many other men and women all around the world has been the victims of surgery, overdone. A single Blepharoplasty won’t be hurting you, but once when obsession and overdoing gets in, everything will become complicated.

What is Blepharoplasty?

The surgery is the medical term that keeps your lower lid from sagging. It also removes excess skin and excess fat that accumulates under it. Most often many tries to undergone the procedure to avoid the look of looking tired al the time.

Sagging with under eyelid is common. But sometimes it may interfere with some social goals you have and may be undermining your confidence too.

What Leisz has above is one of the complications that Blepharoplasty might give you. But given her situation, it is always possible as she had prior operations already. For safety measure, read the common complications of the procedure below.

Possible Risk and Complications
  • Scarring. From the incisions.
  • Swelling and bruising. This seems normal though and may be temporary.
  • Asymmetry. I mean, sometimes the first one heals better than the other.
  • Difficulty in keeping eyes closed or even inability to do so. As what Leisz experienced.
  • Decrease of vision. And sometimes blurred vision. 
  • Red and dry eyes.
  • Infection.
  • Bleeding.
  • Disproportionate eyelid position.
Remedy to the Possible Complications.

As you have undergone the operation. You should be aware of the following risks. And you should be ready too is you have already had some surgery before that relates to the current body part that you want operated again.

To remedy or prevent it, things should be followed or avoided:
  • Do some though evaluation. It involves physical exams and other exams required by the doctor. Make sure you are fit for the operation and are ready in all aspects of it.
  • Have some vision test. This will preempt any vision problem that you might associate to the surgery instead of your natural vision itself.
  • Do not only e your eyelid examined, have those around your eyes too. All its supporting structures should be OK first before going for the operation.
  • OF course, get a good doctor. A good doctor plus a license plus a credential plus a long list of experience. Some doctors may be full of good credentials but on other field. So to be safe, try to have someone really specializing with the lids.
  • Follow all necessary things to be done. For example avoid all things to avoid for the surgery and have yourself properly taken care of after the surgery.
Everything seems simple. And all these simple things are for your own good too. So keep it safe, better know the risks and prepare for it.

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