4 Reasons Glasses Make the Best Fashion Statement

The days of being insulted by the term “four-eyes” are over. Eye glasses live right along with high fashion these days, including on the runways being sported by New York’s top models. Whether you consider yourself a “fashionista”, or just somebody who wants to add a bit of glamour to her life, here are some reasons to consider a new pair of frames as a significant fashion statement.

Glasses Add a Few IQ Points to Any Look

There are plenty of looks that can be achieved with your style: chic, delicate, edgy, and sporty are just a few. But any of these looks can be supplemented by a subheading: Chic-smart. Edgy-smart. A pair of glasses matched with any look will give you an instant look of intelligence and confidence. Glasses can work with virtually any outfit you’re putting together, as long as you have the right frames. Certain frames are versatile enough to parallel multiple looks, such as simple black frames or another neutral color.

Glasses Encourage You to Be Bold

A pair of versatile frames will take you a long way, but you might want to consider going with something a little bit out-of-the-ordinary. Maybe those large, red frames that you can see only going well with one outfit, or those sleek purple frames you can’t imagine going with anything. Attaching yourself to some bold frames will give you the freedom to go bolder with your style, experimenting with old and new clothing items to find looks that do work. Plus, nothing’s more memorable than a girl who can confidently sport a unique pair of glasses.

Glasses Let you Be Lazy

Don’t have time to put makeup on in the morning? Glasses have you covered as far as eye emphasis goes. A pair of thick, black frames bring all the attention to your eyes, and work like eyeliner to outline your eyes and make them pop. It doesn’t act as a full substitute, but it’s certainly less noticeable and more forgiving if you’re going for the natural look. For the ultimate lazy morning, try out a permanent makeup machine procedure and get forever-lasting eye emphasis to go with your timeless frames.

Glasses Are as Smart as They Look

Wearing glasses while you’re outside in the summer is a pretty brainy thing to do for your eye health. Talk to your optometrist about getting transition lenses, and usually most insurances will cover it (if you’ve got an eye plan). The lenses of your prescription glasses will react to sunlight by turning darker, and protect your eyes from sun damage. In an instant you’ll go from book-smart to beach babe; even better is the middle ground between dark and clear, when the lenses will give you a beautifully-shadowed lens look in a well-lit interior space. It’s especially important because you normally cannot wear prescription lenses and sunglasses at the same time, so really it’s a no-brainer (but you still get some credit for making such a smart choice).
Glasses are the in-thing across every fashion group, and can easily accentuate any look you’re considering. So forget every bad stereotype you’ve heard about them; four eyes are better than two anyway, right?

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