6 Surprising Ways you’re Damaging Your Skin

We all like to keep track of the latest skin tips, but for the most part they stay pretty consistent. We all know to keep hydrated and to avoid making facial contact with bacteria-infested objects, so we drink lots of water and try not to touch our faces. But we overlook some seemingly meaningless habits that are actually damaging our skin in the meantime. Here are some hidden skin-destroyers to look out for from now on.

Skipping Meals

If this is your preferred method of weight loss, cut it out now. You’re depriving your skin of important vitamins and nutrients, as well as moisture to keep it hydrated and healthy. This will make your skin age faster and can lead to permanent damage. Make sure you’re eating breakfast every morning and getting your vitamins daily.


As important as exfoliating is to overall skin health, it’s the number one most-abused beauty practice out there. Over-exfoliation strips the skin of quite a bit of moisture and can lead to scarring if the lower layers of skin are exposed and torn. Keep your exfoliation to a minimum of three times a week.

Shower Head

We all know that hot showers are not necessarily good for hydrated skin, but your shower head could be the real problem. Especially if you’ve got hard water, your shower head is covered with a buildup of minerals and chemicals from the water. You’re literally being showered with skin-irritating chemicals, so rinse off your shower head every now and again.

Cell Phone

Keep in mind all the potential problems you could be causing your skin by how much time you spend on your cell phone. You place your phone on foreign surfaces, take it in questionable environments, and of course keep it in your hands all day. Holding it up to your ear allows all of the bacteria roam around your face, so keep your chatting to a minimum.


You may be in a hurry in the mornings, but try to be more careful about controlling your hairspray mists. Hairspray contains a large volume of alcohol, which strips the skin and dries it out significantly. It also clogs your pores, causing blackheads along your hairline and jawline. Place a towel over your face while spraying, or take careful aim with your spritzer from now on.


Many of you may be pleased to hear this, but running can actually lead to irreversible skin damage. Particularly in more fatty areas such as the breasts or gluts, persistent bouncing from running and other jolty movements stretches the skin out. This reduces skin elasticity and creates flat areas and lines over time. Make sure you wear extremely supportive bras and tighter pants, or substitute walking in your exercise regime.
These are only a few of the unexpected habits that affect your skin negatively. Be extremely cautious about everything that makes contact with your skin. Chances are, your ticket to beautiful skin is simply by breaking a habit you didn’t even realize was harmful.

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