Three Easy Ways To Quit Smoking

With a national campaign encouraging smokers to quit beginning next month, now is the perfect time to take the leap and quit smoking. Aware of the health benefits, many smokers want to quit but find it difficult to stop the habit. The month of October is the perfect time to stop smoking, as with the national campaign’s presence you will easily get support from family, friends and fellow quitters.

When you’ve made the decision to quit smoking, you will then need to create an action plan about how to become smoke free. Assess every option when it comes to quitting, as no way will work for everyone and you may find that a combination of approaches will achieve the best result for you. If you have tried to quit previously, or even if this is your first time, remember to never give up giving up, and that even if you have a slip up, to still to continue to try quitting as dedication is often the best way to achieve results.

Researching how to quit will help you plan your attack, meaning that you can quit with the best possible chances of staying cigarette free. Here are some of the best, and easiest ways to quit smoking this October-

Nicotine Replacement
Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) helps curb the smoking habit by continuing to allow quitters to get the nicotine hit that they crave. Those quitting using NRT would be looking to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine containing products to slowly overcome their addiction and ‘need’ for nicotine. NRT comes in a variety of products, with patches, tablets, gum and ecigarettes all easily available to help you cut down.

If looking to quit, and you find that you miss the physical actions of smoking, and are unable to cope with cravings, then you may prefer using electronic cigarettes instead of the alternatives. An ecigarette allows you to continue to ‘smoke’ and get the nicotine craved, but not the chemicals that traditional cigarettes contain. Recent studies have also shown that those who quit by replacing with ecigarettes are more like to stay smoke free than those using other NRT methods.

Utilise the Free Help Packs
Throughout the year, governments and charitable organisations provide stop smoking kits to help support you on your smoke free journey, and during the autumn the NHS offer special Stoptober packs to help you quit in October. They argue that if you can manage to steer clear of cigarettes for 28 days then you are five times more likely to continue to not smoke.

The packs are filled with tips and advice on how to overcome the cravings and mood swings that accompany giving up tobacco. Although the advice is incredibly relevant and useful, you may struggle with the first few days of going smoke free, as if signing up for Stoptober you will be going cold turkey from the first of October, so those feeling that quitting is impossible may want to look to other methods to help their voyage.

Hypnotherapy Sessions
Smoking can be really difficult to stop as, aside from the physical addiction, many smokers find it difficult to locate and harness their willpower. All of the ways to quit smoking require a huge amount of willpower, and if you can’t create and maintain a strong level of willpower, then you won’t succeed with stopping, unless you try hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy works differently to all other means of quitting, as it works quickly to remove all cravings and addictions and the smoker needs no determination, just the desire to quit. 

Despite having near instant results, hypnotherapy will work to find the reasons for your smoking habit and your attitude to cigarettes as well has help you quit by removing the cravings and desire to smoke. Most hypnotherapy sessions for smoking cessation last only a couple of hours with many who attend finding that they no longer have any desire to smoke and that nicotine cravings are removed.

Beth Stubbings works for Fix My Mind, who offer smoking cessation hynotherapy in London. She thinks that quitting smoking will not only improve your health, but all aspects of your life!

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