Hair Loss Treatment

If you have a confirmed before hair loss, it is necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Because it affects the choice of protection measures: specific therapy or treatment.

Medications. Certain drugs can slow or even prevent hair loss. For men and women applied minoxidil (Rogaine), for men only - Finasteride (Propecia). Minoxidil is sprayed on the scalp twice a day. Hair loss stops, in many cases, hair growth resumes. Finasteride is used orally. For both women and men need to use drugs for a year, that would understand how effective they are.

Recent research indicates the possibility of manifestation after taking finasteride sexual dysfunction. Therefore it is not recommended to use the drug at the time of conception attempts, as this can adversely affect the health of the fetus.

In case of alopecia areata (hair loss) can be assigned a doctor steroid creams, corticosteroids or PUVA-treatment (treatment with ultraviolet light A).

Immunotherapy may be an effective form of treatment for extensive or total hair loss, although less than half of the patients do not lend themselves to such an impact.

A chemical solution called Difentsipron is applied to a small area of ​​skin affected by hair loss. Weekly dose increases. Ultimately, the preparation causes an allergic reaction on the skin develops mild eczema (dermatitis). In half the cases, it leads to hair growth after about 12 weeks.

Possible side effects of immunotherapy as severe skin reactions. Can a rash and patchy skin color (vitiligo). In some cases, after the treatment of hair falls again.

Immunotherapy is only available in specialized centers. You will need to visit him once a week for several months. After the procedure within 24 hours of the head should be covered with a hat or a scarf in order to avoid contact with the light, as it may be a secondary reaction.

Hair transplant. Micro transplantation is usually performed for male pattern baldness. It is a transplant of single hairs in the area of hair loss and the result looks quite natural.

Hair transplants are usually taken from the back of the head where they always thicker. From the scalp, they are extracted together with follicles that even in the elderly let them grow.

For women transplantation is indicated in the presence of the scalp is not overgrown areas damaged by physical injury.

Laser treatment. Try laser therapy, which stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. Some dermatologists and medical centers such procedures may carry straight at home. Also you can buy a laser comb or brush that you can use at any convenient moment.

A well-known problem is the dormant hair follicles. When they are in the resting state, in which the hair growth ceases. The place occupied by these follicles may appear as patchy baldness. Dispersal of hair makes them thin and almost transparent. Sometimes they may look like a light fuzz. Some of the above treatment techniques can awaken dormant follicles and such.

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