Why Women Fell Depressed After Sex

Why do some women feel depressed after sex? Researchers at the Queensland Institute of Technology in Asutralia, found that one in three women experience this state of melancholy just after sex.

This is the postcoital dysphoria (PCD for short) that affects more women than previously thought. The study was conducted over 200 young women between 17 and 61, who had suffered postcoital dysphoria.

According to the authors, 32.9 percent what you have experienced in your life, while 10 percent do so frequently or almost permanently.

Why Women Fell Depressed After Sex

As identified in the work, the feelings described are eager to mourn, anxiety, irritability and agitation. "One of the participants described how he went to the bathroom after intercourse with her partner and was crying," the Australian researcher.

The findings suggest that this phenomenon may be more common than it seems. Among the reasons is the fact of having suffered sexual abuse at some point in their lives, leading to feelings of guilt and shame, and personal psychological characteristics of women.

However, it is not something that women can control or is a poor quality of sexual life within the family, it is a psychological condition that must be met by a specialist holistically.

Schweitzer said that "we do not associate this feeling with the lack of love for my partner or my partner to me, because I do not think that is related to this phenomenon."

Another hypothesis they have in mind is directed to a biological predisposition may be important in understanding the disorder source. Hence the scientist and his team raised further studies.

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