Eating Disorder Among Teen

Eating Disorder Among Teen

"Eating Disorder Among Teen" - the so-called American nutritionists spread of eating disorders among teenagers. They say that eating, fasting, the use of different pills for weight loss, "cleansing" the body and other signs of normal diet are transmitted as bad habits - from teenager to teenager, especially among girls. According to physiologists of the "International Journal of Eating Disorders" / "International Journal of Eating Disorders" / obtained data confirm the strong social influence, still cultivating social standards ideal parameters of the figure for students who seek in any way to stay slim and use unhealthy methods to achieve this goal.

In the current study involved 15 thousand 349 high school students. It was noted that a group of two or more students who want to lose weight by 4-10% more likely to have influenced the dietary preferences of each other and thus separated improper eating behaviour. Psychologists explain that teenagers easier to model their behaviour, taking the example of the same age. At the same time, doctors stress the importance of a balanced and enriched with vitamins nutrition for the growing organism, since any serious limitation in food and following a strict diet causes significant harm to adolescent health.

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