Top 10 Skin Whitening Creams

Skin Whitening Creams

Although many people enjoy the appearance of a tan, the reality is that the sun can really hurt you while giving you a summery glow. Over time, suntan can cause sun spots, darkening, wrinkles and the worst skin cancer. While sunscreen use can prevent much of this damage, skin whitening cream can help restore the skin after the fact.

Meladerm Cream
Meladerm is the choice of the best qualified consumers of bleaching creams on the website Skin Whitening . The site states that the cream contains no chemicals or harmful ingredients, so you can use it for long periods of time without adverse effects and leaves no sticky residue. Affirms that removes a wide variety of imperfections such as age spots, freckles, acne marks, scars and liver spots and the results are usually seen in two to four weeks.

Skin lightening SkinBright
This cream whitens skin highlighting the overall appearance and creating a natural glow. Use lemon extract as a natural exfoliant allowing healthy skin cells to surface. SkinBright states reduce the appearance of age spots, skin discoloration and sunspots.

Skin Whitening Cream Revitol
Revitol offers the use of natural herbal ingredients in its Brightening Cream, which works to heal the damage to the skin. The formula contains antioxidants that work to heal damaged skin and contains antioxidants that fight the damage and clear. This whitens skin and is best seen in the present and supposedly prevents any future ones wrinkles and fine lines. Revitol creators say that the ingredients give the skin strength and elasticity to stand firm.

Lightening spots Sampar
The lightening spots Sampar is a good option to treat small areas in thin bar shape. The small bar allows whiten specific areas instead of rubbing a cream on a large area. Sampar is recommended for skin with black spots and is especially geared for use on hands, face and neck.

Clinician's Complex Cream
The bleaching 6% of Clinician's Complex cream says work on sunspots, age spots, freckles, scars with pigmentation and melasma and although it is strong enough to be effective it is also gentle enough to not dry or damage the skin. Apply this cream twice a day and as times results vary, the effects should be seen in a few weeks with constant use.

PCA Skin Pigment Gel
The PCA gel is formulated with hydroquinone and three types of natural exfoliating acids matching the tone of the pigment and removes acne spots. It is designed for the face and should be applied twice daily. When using this product applies a sunscreen before sun exposure to prevent sun damage and offset the active ingredients of the cream.

Facial regimen set dramatic results
The bleaching cream for dramatic results (Dramatic Results) is a system of skin care designed to produce an even skin tone. The set contains an exfoliating soap to refinish the skin, moisturizing, lightening gel, facial mask and special sunscreen. The premise is that by using the system can remove sun spots, pigmentation problems and other discoloration and can also give your skin the ability to later fight wrinkles and fine lines. The face mask works to tone and tighten the skin while the sunscreen protects you from future harm.

Skin lightening soap Clinician's Complex
Unlike other skin bleaching Clinician's Complex, this is a bleaching cream and cleanser in one. It is assumed that removes discoloration while removes dead skin cells revealing the underlying healthy skin. With regular and consistent use should see results within a few weeks.

Donell Super Skin Clarifying Cleanser
The cleaner is similar to Donnell Clinician's Complex as it functions as a bleach and a cleaning agent. The cleanser is formulated with a combination of amino acids that suppress melatonin claim to remove stains while washing and avoid future stains. Since the cleaner concentrates more specifically avoid future problems works best when you use it with other whitening cream for blemishes present.

Gel lightening age spots and pigmentation Murad
The Murad gel comes in a small squeeze bottle, to focus on specific age spots or discolorations. It is best for small, easy to access and works best on freckles, age spots or skin pigmentation Natural areas and states provide a uniform and improved overall skin tone shine. Murad only be applied once a day and should always be used in conjunction with a sunscreen.

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